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The structure of the center

"National Collection of the deposited microorganisms strains" Laboratory

Executive Head: Andrey Scherbakov

Phone: +7 (7172) 918-337 (120)

Email: strains@nrcv.kz

The main activity of the "National Collection of deposited microorganisms strains" Laboratory is to deposit and maintain vital functions, as well as long-term storage of highly dangerous microorganisms representing scientific and practical value in veterinary medicine.

"National Collection of deposited microorganisms strains" Laboratory is included in the list of strategic objects of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is protected by a rapid response group "Management of specialized service Guard Astana" MIA RK.

Tasks and functions of the "National Collection of deposited microorganisms strains" are defined by the Government Resolution of the Republic of Kazakhstan №850 from July 30, 2002 stating the main features including:

1) strict accounting and proper storage of the deposited strains of microorganisms - causative agents of especially dangerous microorganisms isolated from various areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries, the test strains for the standardization and control of immunobiological preparations and culture media, industrial strains;

2) depositing of official national or international types, patented and copyright strains of especially dangerous diseases of farm animals, bacterial and viral etiology of the II-IV pathogenicity groups;

3) guaranteed storage and maintenance of biologically active deposited samples collection, copyright and industrial strains in accordance with the requirements and instructive documentation performing survey on the modern scientific and technical level;

4) Creation of a unified information database of microorganisms and pathogens of especially dangerous infections

5) issuance of reference samples, industrial microorganisms strains with typical properties to scientific institutions of the republic bioenterprises for scientific research and production of biological products on special requests;

6) participation in national and international projects, establishment of links with the collections of foreign countries, with the aim of exchanging information and microbial cultures in accordance with the existing legislation;

7) providing an annual report on its activities to the Committee of veterinary control and supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture;

8) development of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and guidelines, test programs, regulatory and technological documents in testing;

9) compliance with the order and tests timing agreed with the depositor and the conditions ensuring confidentiality;

10) preservation of state confidential information according to the requirements of normative documentation;

11) providing content production areas (boxes) in accordance with the sanitary rules and regulations, safety requirements and environmental protection;

12) confidentiality in research.

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